Our everyday solutions


Polish Film Festival is the biggest celebration of Polish film. Each year, crowds of filmmakers and cinema-goers come to Gdynia for a few days. Similarly to other big events, it generates a carbon footprint. We need to minimise it, so we decided to change our habits and introduce ecological solutions to make the Festival greener.

Only conscious, systematic and long-term actions can make a real difference. Being green once in a blue moon is not enough. The changes we introduce will affect not only the Festival but will be cultivated by our team all year long at Gdynia Film Centre, the seat of the Festival’s Office and Pomeranian Film Foundation, the producer of the Festival.

Just as producers implement the rules of green film production, we have developed a set of environmentally-friendly solutions for the Festival and Gdynia Film Centre. We also joined the signatories of the Culture for Climate declaration, a grassroots initiative for the ecological functioning of cultural institutions.


  1. We save water
  • Taps in Gdynia Film Centre are equipped with motion sensors that dose water and aerators that limit the water stream.
  • A special installation collects water from washbasins and reuses it for flushing toilets.


  1. We save electricity
  • Gdynia Film Centre offices use high-energy-class equipment and all-in-one devices that limit our use of electricity.
  • We turn off computers and other devices when they are not being used.
  • We limit unnecessary use of electric lighting: toilets and the parking lot have motion sensors instead of typical switches.


  1. We don’t waste paper
  • We considerably reduced printing.
  • We respect paper and print on both sides.
  • We reuse redundant printed materials, such as posters and catalogues, during workshops.
  • We encourage the audience to buy online tickets for screenings in our Arthouse Cinema and during the Festival.
  • We give our old posters to the audience.


  1. We avoid plastic
  • We stopped using plastic cutlery and plates and started using reusable or biodegradable kitchenware.
  • We limited purchases of mineral water and other beverages in plastic bottles. Our employees and collaborators have access to filtered tap water.


  1. We promote being zero waste
  • In our team, we often exchange everyday-use objects and clothes in good condition to prolong their lifespan. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.
  • We include zero-waste workshops in our educational programmes for children and teenagers.


Our solutions for green Festival