Our solutions for green Festival

Polish Film Festival is the biggest celebration of Polish film. Each year, crowds of filmmakers and cinema-goers come to Gdynia for a few days. Similarly to other big events, it generates a carbon footprint. We need to minimise it, so we decided to change our habits and introduce ecological solutions to make the Festival greener.

Only conscious, systematic and long-term actions can make a real difference. Being green once in a blue moon is not enough. The changes we introduce will affect not only the Festival but will be cultivated by our team all year long at Gdynia Film Centre, the seat of the Festival’s Office and Pomeranian Film Foundation, the producer of the Festival.

Just as producers implement the rules of green film production, we have developed a set of environmentally-friendly solutions for the Festival and Gdynia Film Centre. We also joined the signatories of the Culture for Climate declaration, a grassroots initiative for the ecological functioning of cultural institutions.


  1. New welcome package
  • We limit the number of printed copies of the Festival catalogue to an exclusive batch. Instead, we distribute its electronic version.
  • We print Festival catalogue and programme on ecological paper Cocoon Silk produced from FSC-certified wood that guarantees responsible use of forest resources.
  • We considerably limit the number of printed promotional materials from our sponsors and partners. Instead, we distribute them on LED screens installed in Festival venues.
  • We substituted single-use Festival gadgets with reusable gifts, such as Festival water bottles for accredited guests and volunteers.


  1. Less plastic and waste
  • Thanks to our cooperation with Water and Sewerage Company in Gdynia, Festival guests and audience can drink water from dispensers in Grunwaldzki Square, right next to Musical Theatre and Gdynia Film Centre.
  • We encourage Festival-goers not to buy beverages in plastic bottles and cups by offering an economic alternative. Owners of our Festival bottle can fill the bottle with tap water in our partner cafés and have a discount on beverages and cakes.
  • During all Festival events, such as press conferences and industry meetings, water is served only in jugs and glass bottles.
  • You can download tickets to Festival screenings on a mobile device. We don’t require paper tickets.
  • The Festival programme is available as an app.
  • Elements of Festival set design, decorations and equipment are made of durable materials so we can use them again in the following years.


  1. Waste recycling
  • All waste collected in Festival venues is sorted and recycled.
  • Festival IDs are made of biodegradable plastic LUC-BIO that completely decomposes within 39 months.
  • In all Festival venues, there are bins for redundant accreditations and passes. We will hand them over to a plastic recycling company.


  1. Sustainable means of transportation
  • Our Festival fleet comprises hybrid cars to guarantee zero-emission dive in the urban area.
  • We recommend our incoming guests use public transport instead of domestic flights.
  • Most Festival venues are located within walking distance to one another.
  • During the Festival, our guests and the audience can travel by free Festival buses.
  • We promote alternative, ecological means of transport: TIER scooters. All accredited guests can unlock a vehicle twice for free for a 40-minute ride.


  1. Promotion of eco-solutions
  • We need to encourage Festival-goers to join our environmental actions. We announce it in a short video promoting eco-solutions screened at cinemas during the Festival and available on our social media feeds.
  • During the Gdynia Industry section of the Festival, we will discuss green film production with a series of presentations and meetings titled “Audiovisual Industry for Climate. How to Make It Greener?”.
  • We promote awareness of high-quality tap water in Gdynia and encourage Festival-goers and citizens to drink it.
  • In the spirit of preserving our heritage for the next generations, we present digitally restored Polish features, documentaries and animations.
  • During the Festival, employees of the Festival’s Office are provided with vegetarian lunches from nearby restaurants.


  1. Responsible partnership
  • Only companies with a policy to minimise their environmental cost can become Festival patrons and co-organisers.
  • By choosing the services of local companies, we reduce our carbon footprint and support businesses in Gdynia.


Cafe Klaps

Józefa Wybickiego 3

– 10% on hot beverages

Coffee Shop Happy People

Świętojańska 95

– 15% on coffee


Grunwaldzki Square 2

– 10% on hot beverages

Hygge Cafe Gdynia

Jana Kilińskiego 9

– 10% on coffee and breakfast with coffee


Antoniego Abrahama 41

– 15% on hot beverages


Świętojańska 44

CH Riviera 1st floor (food zone)

– 10% on hot beverages

Może kawy?

Jana Pawła II Avenue 11

– water bottle: second coffee for free

– accreditation, pass, ticket: -10% con coffee

Muszla Gdynia

Grunwaldzki Square 1

– 10% on hot beverages


Świętojańska 70/1

– 10% on coffee

Uboga Krewna

Ignacego Krasickiego 6

– 10% on hot beverages and cakes



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