The Grand Prize of the Polish Film Festival – Golden Lions and PLN 300,000 granted to the film’s producer and director (PLN 200,000 for the director and PLN 100,000 for the producer). The leading producer of the winning film is entitled to a subsidy of PLN 200,000 or PLN 250,000 for a historical film from the Polish Film Institute for the development of their next film.

The Award of the Polish Film Festival – Silver Lions and PLN 150,000 granted to the film’s producer and director (PLN 100,000 for the director and PLN 50,000 for the producer). The leading producer of the winning film is entitled to a subsidy of PLN 200,000 from the Polish Film Institute for the development of their next film

The Award of the Polish Film Festival – Golden Claw in the category Visions Apart and PLN 30,000 granted to the film’s producer and director (PLN 20,000 for the director and PLN 10,000 for the producer).

Individual awards:

directing: PLN 30,000
screenplay: PLN 25,000
directing debut or second film: PLN 15,000
actress in a leading role: PLN 15,000
actor in a leading role: PLN 15,000
professional acting debut: PLN 15,000
cinematography: PLN 15,000
music: PLN 15,000
art direction: PLN 15,000
actress in a supporting role: PLN 15,000
actor in a supporting role: PLN 15,000
sound: PLN 15,000
film editing: PLN 15,000
costume design: PLN 15,000
make-up: PLN 15,000


Lucjan Bokiniec Award for Best Film: PLN 15,000,
special award: PLN 10,000,
special mention: PLN 5,000


Award for Best Film: PLN 20,000


The Organising Committee of the Festival may grant the Award of the Polish Film Festival – Platinum Lions to a filmmaker for lifetime achievements. The winner of the award is proposed by the Programme Council in agreement with the Polish Filmmakers Association. The winner is presented with a statuette and PLN 30,000.


The award of PLN 15,000 is granted by the Festival audience voting at Festival venues to the director of a film qualified for the Main Competition.

Out-of-Competition Awards

Filmowa Małopolska Award

The award was established to honour the best director in the Short Film Competition. The prize is a production voucher worth PLN 60,000 for the production of the Laureate’s next film in Małopolska. The award is granted by the jury of the Short Film Competition.

Heliograf Award for Best Cinematography
The HELIOGRAF award was established to honour the best cinematographer in the Short Film Competition. The prize is production support worth PLN 10,000 in the form of rental of photo and camera equipment for the production of the winner’s next film.

Journalists Award
The award is awarded by accredited journalists at the 46th Polish Film Festival in Gdynia for a selected film from the Main Competition.

Amber Lions
The award is given by the KINA POLSKIE Association for a Polish film which received the best attendance result in Polish cinemas last season. The prize is a statuette and a diploma for the film distributor and producer.

Independent and Local Cinemas Network Award
The prize is awarded by representatives of cinemas associated in the Polish Association of Studio Cinemas for a selected film from the Main Competition.

Don Quixote. Polish Film Clubs Federation Award
The award for the best Polish film of the season, awarded by activists and members of film discussion clubs associated in the Polish Federation of Film Discussion Clubs. Since 2007, the award has been awarded by a specially appointed jury of PFDKF.

Young Jury Award for Best Film in the Main Competition
The “Be Critical!” will be awarded by a three-person Youth Jury composed of the winners of the ” Be Critical!” for reviews and video reviews, organised by the National Film Archive – Audiovisual Institute.

Polish Film Abroad Festivals and Reviews Award
Award for the director of the best film selected by the organisers of Polish film festivals and reviews abroad. The prize is a commemorative plaque and the participation of the film and its makers in Polish diaspora festivals around the world.

Golden Kangaroo
Australian Film Distributors Award. The prize is the Golden Kangaroo statuette and an invitation to Australia for the laureate.

ELLE Crystal Star
An award for the creator or creator of the film who touched, delighted and inspired the editorial office the most. For an important topic, intense presence, courage to create in your own way. For the power of creation and passion.

Onet Discovery of the Festival Award
Received by the creator of one of the presented films, who will make the greatest impression on the Jury under the leadership of Dominika Olszyna, head of the Cultural department at Onet.

Dr Irena Eris Award for Boldest Look
For the Creator for the boldest, most sensitive and most beautifully told story.