Poster for the 49th PFF by Ola Jasionowska

Poster for the 49<sup>th</sup> PFF by Ola Jasionowska

Polish Film Festival in Gdynia with a new graphic design! It’s time to present Ola Jasionowska’s poster for the 49th PFF.

A year before the jubilee edition of the festival, we breathed new life into its visual identification.

The poster is an interpretation of a film storyboard: alternately presents broader and closer frames, strengthening the impression of movement between the scenes and adding to the feeling of depth. The character is heading towards the seaside cliff – somewhere between Kępa Redłowska and any place familiar to us. We can assume such a seaside scene could take place in Gdynia – comments Ola Jasionowska, the poster’s author, graphic designer and illustrator.

I really like the secret hidden behind this year’s poster. Are we in Gdynia or in other place at the seaside? Perhaps it’s the world of film, the fragments of which are presented in the next scenes? These spaces deliberately coincide and intertwine, inviting the viewers to create their own story of images they are looking at adds Joanna Łapińska, the Artistic Director of PFF.

The personal stories of the PFF audience is what we are waiting for, as the competition films and accompanying events, together with the graphic design and the feedback from the audience, make up for the unique character of each festival edition. We are sure the poster together with its visual identification will resonate with the festival’s atmosphere.
See you in Gdynia!

The 49th Polish Film Festival in Gdynia will take place on 23rd–28th September 2024.