Republic of Dreams interactive installation

Republic of Dreams interactive installation

To celebrate the 130th anniversary of Bruno Schulz’s birthday, the Adam Mickiewicz Institute has prepared an interactive installation inspired by the writer’s works. Republic of Dreams is a project exploring the world of Bruno Schulz’s prose, created by Mika Johnson with artists from Poland, the USA, the Czech Republic and Ukraine. From the onset, the idea was to bring Schultz’s legacy closer to a broad audience and, by means of the multidimensional nature of the installation, to reach out to people who have yet to discover with his writings.

What is unique about this project is the desire to invite the audience into a space where they can disconnect from the outside world, relax and succumb to daydreams. Republic of Dreams was inspired by the experience of falling asleep using music, sounds such as synchronous rumbling, meditation apps, videos, lucid dreaming and hypnosis.

During the 47th PFF, the installation will be located in Grunwaldzki Square, in the vicinity of the Musical Theatre.

Mika Johnson is a multimedia artist focusing on dream narratives and ritual experiences. His work includes projects based on extended reality, feature films and documentaries, sound recordings and music videos. He has put together an international team of artists, The Dream Collective.

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Co-financed by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage