Artur W. Baron

Artur W. Baron

Director and screenwriter of features, documentaries, TV programmes and theatrical plays. His debut film An Angel in Krakow won in 2002 the Award for directing debut or second film at the PFF in Gdynia, the Jańcio Wodnik Main Award at “Prowincjonalia” Polish National Festival of Film Art in Września and the Audience Award at “The Youth and Film” – the Festival of Film Debuts in Koszalin. In 2005, he directed Angel in Love – the second part of the story of the Angel Giordano. In 2013, All Matthew’s Women with Krzysztof Globisz in the lead role, had its premiere.


Selected films

2002 An Angel in Krakow

2005 Angel in Love

2012 All Matthew’s Women