Olga Chajdas

2023, 1 h 53 min

A post-punk psychological drama about a young woman craving for life among the dullness of the Polish People’s Republic. A story about a mother-daughter bond and hunger for freedom, about sex and meditation. The plot starts in Tricity in 1987 and finishes in 1989, after the first free election in Poland. All this against the backdrop of the rebellious Tricity music scene of the late ‘80s, the cultural and social phenomenon of that time and the sign of the revolutionary changes in Poland.

written by: Lena Góra, Olga Chajdas
director of photography: Tomasz Naumiuk
music: Andrzej Smolik
production design: Anna Anosowicz
costume design: Katarzyna Lewińska, Sławomir Blaszkowski
make up: Monika Kaleta
sound: Jan Schermer, Ivan Horák
edited by: Pavel Hrdlička
casting by: Paulina Krajnik
cast: Lena Góra, Mateusz Więcławek, Wacław Warchoł, Bogusława Schubert, Wojciech Brzeziński, Michał Balicki
production: Apple Film Production
producers: Izabela Wójcik, Violetta Kamińska, Dariusz Jabłoński
co-produced by: Topkapi Films, Moloko Film, Canal+ Polska, House Media Company
executive producer: Grzegorz Olkowski
production manager: Grzegorz Olkowski
co-financed by: Polski Instytut Sztuki Filmowej, Holenderski Fundusz Filmowy, Holenderski Fundusz Zachęt, Czeski Fundusz Filmowy, Eurimages

Movie - Festival Programme

    DAY 1 - 18th September 2023   BUY
20:10 Imago GCF - Sala Goplana
17:15 Imago Helios - Sala 4
    DAY 2 - 19th September 2023   BUY
19:45 Imago Helios - Sala 4
15:00 Imago Helios - Sala 5
9:30 Imago Helios - Sala 6
    DAY 3 - 20th September 2023   BUY
22:15 Imago GCF - Sala Warszawa
10:15 Imago Helios - Sala 5
    DAY 4 - 21st September 2023   BUY
19:00 Imago GCF - Sala Warszawa
9:15 Imago Helios - Sala 3
12:15 Imago Helios - Sala 6
    DAY 5 - 22nd September 2023   BUY
10:00 Imago Teatr Muzyczny - Duża Scena
14:45 Imago GCF - Sala Morskie Oko
14:15 Imago Helios - Sala 1
    DAY 6 - 23rd September 2023   BUY
17:00 Imago GCF - Sala Morskie Oko
11:40 Imago Helios - Sala 3
13:45 Imago Helios - Sala 6