Loneliness in the Net


Witold Adamek

2006, 2 h 14 min

Ewa lives in Poland, in a world of TV news editing, Jakub – in Germany, between laboratories and lecture halls. Neither remembers that they met once before sitting in trains going the opposite directions at the Berlin Zoologischer Garten station. Pure accident makes them meet once again: they both liked the same painting on an internet auction. Since then, Ewa and Jakub start chatting and getting closer to each other. Eventually, they decide to jump at a chance and meet in person. He left New Orleans and she left Warsaw to arrive in Paris. But life often interferes and complicates things…

Written by: Witold Adamek (based on the book by Janusz L. Wiśniewski)
Director of photography: Witold Adamek
Production design by: Monika Sajko-Gradowska
Costume design by: Ewa Machulska
Editing: Milenia Fiedler
Sound: Wacław Pilkowski, Andrzej Artymowicz, Marcin Kijo
Cast: Magdalena Cielecka (Ewa), Andrzej Chyra (Jakub), Agnieszka Grochowska, Anna Dymna, Kinga Preis, Elżbieta Czyżewska, Jan Englert, Janusz L. Wiśniewski, Paweł Kukiz, Jacek Borcuch, Szymon Bobrowski, Harold Evan, Ruby Rosales, Robin Gooch
Production manager: Andrzej Stempowski
Produced by: Close Up
Producer: Witold Adamek
Co-producers: Polish Television Film Agency, Wytwórnia Filmów Dokumentalnych i Fabularnych
Distributed by: Kino Świat International
World sales: Telewizja Polska S.A.- Biuro Współpracy Międzynarodowej i Handlu
Co-financed by: Polish Film Institute

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