Lullaby for the Good Ones

Lullaby for the Good Ones


Sebastian Jasnoch

2022, 0 h 29 min

Mr Berbeluch takes over the National Institute of Fairy Tale Art, introducing a drastic shift in the current value system. His revolution needs the endorsement of influential and well-known figures, so for his first production, Berbeluch approaches Lolek. The careerist has no choice but to persuade his old friend Bolek to join them. It won’t be easy, though. As the world changes, so do the rules.
The film is a directing debut.

directed by:  Sebastian Jasnoch

written by: Mariusz Babicki

director of photography: Jan Kędzia, Wojciech Bibel

production design: Sebastian Jasnoch

costume design: Sebastian Jasnoch

make up: Monika Mirowska, Inez Nowak

sound: Bartosz Adamiak, Robert Sędzicki

edited by: Sebastian Jasnoch

casting by: Sebastian Jasnoch, Mariusz Babicki

cast: Aleksandra Pisula, Ireneusz Czop, Marta Jarczewska, Paulina Nadel, Arkadiusz Wójcik

production: Kwiatki Polskie

producer: Sebastian Jasnoch

co-produced by: Kwiatki Polskie

executive producer: Sebastian Jasnoch

production manger: Małgorzata Michalska

co-financed by: Ledan, Tawerna Boma,

distributed by: Kwiatki Polskie

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Short Film Competition
Microbudget Film Competition
Pure Classics
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Krakow Film Festival Catching Waves
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Janusz Korczak - Children's Festival