Marian Kołodziej. The Artist’s Secret

Marian Kołodziej. The Artist’s Secret


Anna Maria Mydlarska

2021, 0 h 43 min

A documentary about an outstanding stage and costume designer and author of papal altars, who contributed to the success of Polish cinema in the 1960s and 1970s. His works appeared during events ground-breaking for Polish social life. Fellow artists talk about Kołodziej’s unusual talent, perfectionism and secretive personality surrounded by memorabilia from his workshop. The film was shot in the Old Town in Gdańsk, where Kołodziej spent most of his post-war life.

directed by: Anna Maria Mydlarska

written by: Anna Maria Mydlarska

director of photography: Tomasz Radziemski, Małgorzata Zimnoch, Jacek Petrycki

music: Marek Kuczyński

sound: Wojciech Cwyk, Piotr Podgórski

edited by: Tomasz Radziemski

production: Video Studio Gdańsk

producers: Joanna Pacana, Marek Łochwicki

executive producer: Video Studio Gdańsk

production manager: Joanna Pacana

co-financed by: Miasto Gdańsk

distributed by: Video Studio Gdańsk

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