Adam Porębowicz

2022, 0 h 30 min

A hot, summer afternoon among blocks of flats. Four friends in their late teens hang out enjoying the lack of parental attention. The laid-back vibe gives way to a palpable tension. They all instinctively try to drown out a shared yet unspoken premonition.

directed by: Adam Porębowicz

written by: Adam Porębowicz

director of photography: Wawrzyniec Skoczylas

production design: Katarzyna Jańczuk

costume design: Magdalena Tarka

make up: Magdalena Tarka

sound: Natalia Ćwiklińska

edited by: Adam Porębowicz, Łukasz Zdanowski

casting by: Aleksandra Gruber, Adam Porębowicz

cast: Maja Michnacka, Paweł Charyton, Mikołaj Matczak, Łukasz Gawroński

production: Adam Porębowicz

producer: Adam Porębowicz

executive producer: Adam Porębowicz

production manger: Adam Porębowicz

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