Suddenly Forever

Suddenly Forever


Zbigniew Bzymek

NULL, 0 h 42 min

The night his girlfriend gives birth to a child, a young actor and escapist Eryk meets a young Japanese Maja in a bus. Being in a hurry to a film set, Eryk tries to get rid of her. When he’s called by SMS to a hospital, he rushes on his bike home to wash and change clothes ignorant of Maja hidden in his apartment. In a hospital, it turns out that the child has a brain damage. Deeply shocked, Eryk attempts to meet with difficult people despite the tragic news.

Written by: Zbigniew Bzymek
Director of photography: Bartłomiej Kaczmarek
Music by: Mateusz Adamczyk
Production design by: Kacper Rączkowski
Sound: Mateusz Adamczyk
Editing: Kevin Palmer
Costume design by: Kacper Rączkowski, Dorota Romanowska
Production manager:
Produced by: Lodz Film School
World sales: Lodz Film School
Country and year of production: Poland, 2008
Cast: Marcin Brzozowski, Ewa Łukasiewicz, Ewa Szykulska, Zbigniew Kaleta, Barbara Sambor, Bogusław Suszka, Grażyna Konieczna, Magdalena Pięta
Length: 42’15 min.

Main Competition
Konkurs Młodego Kina
Sekcje pozakonkursowe

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