Anna Maliszewska

2022, 1 h 50 min

Michał is a truck driver and the single father of Miśka. Long hours behind the wheel, loneliness and constantly being on the road are his everyday life. The most important thing is to deliver the goods on time. When he works, his Ukrainian neighbor takes care of his daughter. Her granddaughter Lena and Miśka are inseparable. When the nanny suddenly dies, Michał takes the girls with him. Roadside parking lots, life on the road and finally meeting Lenka’s family in Ukraine are all an important sisterhood lesson for the girls. For Michał, the involuntary journey is a time of growing up to be a dad. It will finally make him stop running from his demons and let him discover… what the most important thing in life for him really is.

The film is the director’s feature-length debut.

directed by: Anna Maliszewska

written by: Anna Maliszewska, Przemysław Chruścielewski

director of photography: Kajetan Plis

music: Jerzy Rogiewicz, Bartek Tyciński

production design: Jagna Dobesz, Ivan Mykhailov

costume design: Karolina Suszczyńska, Gala Sokolovska

make-up: Agnieszka Sasim, Zhenya Zenn

sound: Marcin Lenarczyk, Igor Kłaczyński, Marcin Popławski, Zofia Moruś

edited by: Przemysław Chruścielewski

casting by: Alina Trybiło-Falana, Pawel Makarchenko, Gniewko Falana

cast: Polina Gromova, Eryk Lubos, Yevheniia Muts, Seriej Solovyov, Marta Malikowska

production: Metro Films Sp. z o.o.

producer: Marcin Wierzchosławski

co-produced by: Family Production (Ukraina), Podkarpacki Regionalny Fundusz Filmowy (Polska)

executive producer: Anastasiya Bukovska

production manager: Konrad Wróblewski

co-financed by: Polish Film Institute, Ukranian State Film Agency

distributed by: Warner Bros. Entertainment Polska

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