The Wedding Day

The Wedding Day


Wojciech Smarzowski

2021, 2 h 8 min

Under the guise of good fun a wedding covers up some bitter truths about us, Poles. The bride is dreaming of emigrating as she is observing her groom carry a torch for another woman. The bride’s father is also worried about more than just his daughter’s wedding chaos. The deal of his life is about to fall through. All this is being watched by the elder of the family who reminisces about the dramatic events from years ago when he met the love of his life. Emotions and exhaustion run high with every alcohol-flooded minute. The border between the now and then is gradually blurring. Secrets from the past come to the surface, winding up the spiral of evil which offers no escape.

directed by: Wojtek Smarzowski

written by: Wojtek Smarzowski

director of photography: Piotr Sobociński jr

music: Mikołaj Trzaska

production design: Marek Warszewski

costume design: Magdalena Rutkiewicz-Luterek

make-up: Ewa Drobiec, Agnieszka Hodowana

sound: Radosław Ochnio

edited by: Krzysztof Komander

casting by: Magdalena Szwarcbart

cast: Michalina Łabacz, Robert Więckiewicz, Agata Kulesza, Agata Turkot, Mateusz Więcławek, Tomasz Schuchardt

production: Studio Metrage

producers: Wojciech Gostomczyk, Janusz Hetman, Janusz Bogaczyk

co-produced by: Netaria, Moderator Inwestycje, Zbigniew Chrzanowski Inwestycje, JF Invest, BDB Invest, Henriksen Consulting, Intra, TG Tomasz Gołębiewski, Atlas Sztuki, Tovares, Krakowskie Biuro Festiwalowe, Tasse Film, ITI Neovision, Młyn nad Gopłem, Lucaro, Art Centrum Nieruchomości, DI Factory, Janusz Hetman

executive producer: Wojciech Gostomczyk

production manger: Piotr Bogusz

co-financed by: Polski Instytut Sztuki Filmowej, Regionalny Fundusz Filmowy (Kraków), National Film Centre of Latvia, Riga Film Found

distributed by: Kino Świat

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