More cinema auditoriums, more screenings, a new booking system – all this and more at the 37th Gdynia Film Festival FPFF. The T-Mobile New Horizons IFF is assisting in implementing an improved booking system. The Polish Film Festival will introduce the solutions which have been successfully used in Wroclaw for many years now.

This year, the festival films will be screened in two more cinemas. The Young Cinema Competition and the Independent Cinema Competition will be screened in Klub Filmowy. Screenings in Gdynia for Children section – by now, an event in its own right – have been moved to Kinoteatr Grom (“GROM” Cinema-Theatre). The remaining sections will be traditionally screened in Multikino and the Musical Theatre.
The Organizers have increased the number of screenings in the Main Competition up to 6 (including one in the Musical Theatre and one for the press), so that more viewers can see the competing films.

Accreditation holders (including journalists) and festival pass holders will have an opportunity to use a new online booking system, introduced this year at Gdynia Film Festival by courtesy of the T-Mobile New Horizons IFF. The system enables easy booking for each film and access to the history of bookings.

  • Each festival pass and accreditation is programmed for a certain number of points. One screening, workshop session or master class is worth one point. The Organizers guarantee that each festival participant will be able to enter up to 30 screenings.
  • In order to enter the cinema auditorium, each accreditation and pass holder has to book a seat via the online booking system, available on – this applies to all screenings (including press screenings) and meetings with filmmakers for ticket holders.
  • An on-line booking can be made on the day of the screening or on the previous day, both via a personal computer or mobile phone and special computers available in Multikino, the Musical Theatre and Hotel Gdynia. The booking will be registered on the accreditation or the pass.
  • Bookings are obligatory only for screenings in Multikino and Film Club. In Music Theatre the admission requires only the accreditation or invitation.
  • Only one booking can be made for a particular time slot.
  • An on-line booking can be canceled any time up to 15 minutes before the screening.
  • If a booking is not used or canceled, 4 points will be deducted from the pass or the accreditation.
  • Cinema auditoriums will have a number of seats for festival pass and accreditation holders only.
  • At the scheduled screening time, the online booking ends. All remaining tickets go back to the ticket office and to open sales. Pass holders who had booked a screening but came late, have to buy the ticket in the ticket office.
  • Passes and accreditations have bar codes, which will be scanned at the gate to the cinema auditorium.
  • Each pass and accreditation is assigned to one person only and it cannot be exchanged, handed over or lent.

The Organizers kindly advise to read carefully the regulations and guidelines of pass and ticket sales as well as the on-line booking instructions, available on

The sales of passes for screenings in Multikino and Klub Filmowy began on 24 April on They will be also available on 7-8 May in Multikino ticket offices. Prices: PLN 150.00 – full price pass, PLN 100.00 – reduced price pass.

Single tickets will be available online on 1 May. The online ticket sale enables to purchase only regular tickets for PLN 18.00 (Multikino) and PLN 10.00 (Klub Filmowy). Sales in festival ticket offices start on 5 May. Reduced price Multikino tickets for PLN 14.00 will be then available in the ticket offices.

Booking and sales of tickets and passes, as well as the regulations and guidelines of the online available on