Just like in previous years, the programme of the 37th Gdynia Film Festival (The Polish Film Festival) has some space for the young and independent film-makers. 29 feature shorts and diploma projects of film school students will compete for the Lucjan Bokiniec award in the Young Cinema Competition. 21 titles have been accepted to the Independent Cinema Review. The winner of this section will be selected in popularity contest.

The full list of titles accepted to the Young Cinema Competition:

1. Aposiopesis, directed by Jagoda Szelc
2. Barbican, directed by Bartłomiej Żmuda
3. Basia from Podlachia, directed by Aleksander Dembski
4. The Hamster, directed by Bartek Ignaciuk
5. Heading Down, directed by Mateusz Winkiel
6. The Lake, directed by Jacek Bławut
7. When the Light of Dawn Arises, directed by Mateusz Głowacki
8. Moon River, directed by Bodo Kox
9. Mercy, directed by Eliza Subotowicz
10. Mika, directed by Joanna Wilczewska
11. Mora, directed by Tomasz Jeziorski
12. Boo!, directed by Kordian Kądziela
13. Our Bad Winter, directed by Grzegorz Zariczny
14. Wake Up, directed by Agnieszka Woszczyńska
15. Offline, directed by Jan P. Matuszyński
16. The Waiting-room, directed by Michał Wawrzecki
17. A Porter from Mewa Hotel, directed by Michał Janów
18. Monster, directed by Piotr Ryczko
19. Wolf’s Clothing, directed by Olga Kałagate
20. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, directed by Bartosz Warwas
21. The Rest is Silence, directed by Paweł Hejbudzki
22. Ring, directed by Maciej Cendrowski
23. The Pipe, directed by Bodo Kox
24. Plane to the Next Bus Stop, directed by Kas Zawadowicz
25. Battleheart, directed by Tomek Matuszczak
26. Swedish Job, directed by Paweł Ziemilski
27. All Souls’ Day, directed by Aleksandra Terpińska
28. Come Back Home before Midnight, directed by Stefan Łazarski
29. Jacqueline, directed by Marcin Szuwarowski

The full list of titles accepted to the Polish Independent Cinema Review:

1. 1st Word, directed by Łukasz Nowak
2. 4:13 to Katowice, directed by Andrzej Stopa
3. Badass, directed by Błażej Kujawa
4. Running toward Thou, directed by Hanka Brulińska
5. The Fourth Sin, directed by Konrad Hamada
6. Why Are You Here, directed by Laurence Walsh
7. He War, directed by Marcin Mikulski
8. Step to Eternity, directed by Błażej Kujawa
9. King at Walk, directed by Tomas Suski
10. Night Visit, directed by Piotr Chrzan
11. Sir Juras and the Brotherhood of Junk Dealers, directed by Wojciech Solarz
12. Rehab, directed by Krzysztof Jankowski
13. I Was the Election Judge Once, directed by Paweł Słomkowski
14. The Room, directed by Maciej Bochniak, Sławomir Shuty
15. Tell Me the Truth, directed by Witold Świętnicki
16. Use Force, directed by Paweł Grajnert
17. Substitute, directed by Maciej Wiktor
18. Papercuts, directed by Magdalena Gubała, Szymon Uliasz
19. I Know You Are Awake, directed by Michał Brożonowicz
20. Close Your Eyes, directed by Paweł Łukomski
21. Energy Thieves, directed by Michał Ozierow, Michał Przybył