Legal Culture at the 39. Gdynia FIlm Festival

Legal Culture at the 39. Gdynia FIlm Festival

This year, Legal Culture will show up in Gdynia with its Internet Café, Legal Sources Spot Competition, Legal Advice and the newest initiative – Eye on Culture. For a second time, the Special Prize in the Young Cinema Competition will also be awarded.

Legal Culture’s Spot Competition – III Edition: “Digital Revotution. Create Your Own Recipe for Legal Culture”

During the Festival, the spot competition propagating the use of legal sources of culture will be adjudicated. This year’s edition’s motto is “Digital Revolution. Create Your Own Recipe for Legal Culture”. The competition is supposed to focus the attention on the condition of culture in the context of civilisation changes and the wide access to technologies in the digital era. The works submitted will be adjudicated by the jury of the Young Cinema Competition and the films will be presented during the Festival screenings. The main prize amounts to PLN 8,000. Entrance to Film Spring Open workshops under the supervision of Sławomir Idziak will also be a distinction. The results will be announced during the Young Cinema Ceremony in the Musical Theatre on 19 September.

Young Cinema Competition Special Prize

Similarly as in the last year, a Special Prize amounting to PLN 5,000 will be awarded within the Young Cinema Competition. Supporting and promoting young filmmakers, Legal Culture wants to sensitize the viewers, to arouse in them the willingness to get to know the new Polish cinema and to accompany it in its development.

Legal Box Office – free legal advice for filmmakers

During the Gdynia Film Festival, we also invite to the Legal Box Office. Nearby the Legal Culture’s Internet Café, everyday between 14.00 and 17.00, you will be able to talk with a legal adviser about the legal nuances related to film production. The advice will be given by Albert Stawiszyński – a legal adviser cooperating with the Legal Culture Foundation, a member of the Copyright Committee of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

Eye on Culture (Kultura na Widoku)

Recently, Legal Culture enter the public space with its Eye on Culture (Kultura Na Widoku) project promoting the access to the legal resources of culture. The installation is comprised of five bookshelves. The offer access to over 600 pieces of selected contents and works – films, books, music, plays and archives from the Solidarity times. Those contents are available for mobile devices through shortened links and QR codes. The installation will be placed nearby the Musical Theatre in Gdynia, where during the whole Festival time, everyone close to culture will be able to use it. All the materials placed on the bookshelves are also available at the website .

Internet Café

During the whole 39. Gdynia Film Festival, we invite you to Legal Culture’s Internet Café located in the Musical Theatre. Two computer posts will await you there and allow for using the Internet free of charge, checking up the Festival’s programme as well as getting to know the Legal Sources of Culture Database and the ideas propagated by the Legal Culture. Volunteers of the Foundation will be happy to instruct you on how to obtain charge-free copyright support. The Legal Culture Internet Café will be available during the whole Gdynia Film Festival between 9.00 and 21.00.