LEGAL CULTURE Legal consulting for filmmakers

LEGAL CULTURE Legal consulting for filmmakers
The Legal Culture Foundation has prepared a special stand for free legal consulting. We will be providing consulting services for producers, filmmakers, students and other participants of the Festival as well as advising on:

  • legal actions to be taken in cases regarding film production viewed in a broad sense,
  • a proper way of settling a range of issues in an agreement and avoiding certain legal tricks,
  • the most important issues in the process of negotiating or entering into an agreement regarding film production, including copyright, license agreements as well as agreements regarding distribution, transfer of rights and co-productions, agreements with a director or a screenwriter.

The consulting will be conducted by Albert Stawiszyński, a legal adviser specialising in intellectual property regulations.

You can take legal advice every day from 12:00 noon to 2:00 p.m. in the Musical Theatre next to the LEGAL CULTURE Internet cafe. We encourage you to use this wonderful opportunity!