New section in the PFF programme

The Polish Independent Cinema Review held as part of the 36th Polish Film Festival in Gdynia constitutes a retrospective of the most interesting, gathering most attention or simply most inventive short feature movies created outside the traditional film and television production system. The Review will feature 16 titles which are representative of the genres, moods and aesthetics dominating the independent cinema these days: from classical feature etudes, through animations exploiting different tools and techniques, to experimental forms. The presented film selection is a result of several-months’ search conducted jointly with the Review’s partners: FILMFORUM and the SHORT WAVES Polish short film festival. They have been selected from almost 300 independent movies created in Poland over the recent year. 

The Polish Independent Cinema Review will offer films which often go beyond the frames of traditional genres, use non-standard means of expression and touch upon untypical topics. This is probably the only point on the Festival’s agenda where viewers will have a chance to watch a man bathing in a bath-tub in the middle of a lake, listen to confessions of a depressed vampire, meet a warewolf who is fond of beautiful women, learn about the dangers connected with the increase in body weight of Chinese citizens and about the negative effects of trumpet playing. The best film of the Review will be chosen by the Festival’s audience. The plebiscite’s award was founded by the KINO POLSKA TV Channel.