Roman Polański in the eyes of filmmakers!

Roman Polański in the eyes of filmmakers!

Roman Polański’s films for over half a century have been among the world most visible prominent symbols of the Polish culture. The constant importance of Polański’s work is shown not only by his works and awards but also the film posters which have been issued throughout the world since the Oscar-nominated full length debut of the artist – “Knife in the Water” (1961).

The “Roman Polański’s Films in International Film Poster” exhibition, prepared by the Film Museum in Łódź, will be hosted during our Festival. It will be a marvellous occasion to look at the master’s films with the eyes of the world famous graphic artists and the most outstanding representatives of the Polish poster school. Awaiting the opening, we present the statements of Roman Polański’s cooperatives and other filmmakers, which will be included in the bilingual album accompanying the exhibition.

I would describe Polański as a dictator, but in the positive sense of that word. He had this film thought out, frame by frame. The elements of situations were plotted out. There was no improvisation, no discussion about the dialogue.
Andrzej Kostenko – collaborator with the director

My role in Repulsion was one of my most important film experiences.
Catherine Deneuve – actress

For me Roman is not just a brilliant director, but also a very talented actor. I love his Le Locataire in which he plays the main role.
Brett Ratner – film director

Polański manages to evoke anxiety and sense of insecurity in the viewer in the first three minutes of the film. In that he is an unquestionable master.
Johnny Depp – actor

I have never watched such an outstanding film, made with such simple means, as Polański’s The Pianist. I value him greatly as a director. I also know his earlier films.
David Lynch – director

Roman Polański is a fantastic craftsman and filmmaker. He simply knows everything.
Jodie Foster – actress

He is simply never wrong. He is among the few artists who has continuously sustained his artistic excellence over 60 years.
Christoph Waltz – actor

I think he can be described in a single sentence: an outstanding individual.

Janusz Morgenstern – film director and producer

The materials come from the collections of the Film Museum in Łódź.