Starting today till the 15th April you can enrol for four-hour course on screenwriting which will be conducted on the 37th Gdynia Film Festival by Syd Field, the legendary screenwriting theoretician. During two lecture sessions of the “guru of all screenwriters” as he was acclaimed by CNN, Syd will present his theory on screenplay construction.


Syd Field is a legendary theoretician and screenplay consultant who, at the end of the 70s and at the beginning of the 80s, codified the theory of three act structure screenplay. His ideas have revolutionized the way of thinking about screenplay and for the next decades to come it became the fundamental point of reference together for the screenwriting practitioners and theoreticians. Among some books that he has publish, called “the screenwriting Bibles”, there are some titles like “The Screenwriter’s Notebook”, or “Screenplay”. Translated into 19 languages (also into Polish) their world sales exceeded one million copies.
For many years Syd Field has been a screenwriting consultant for such film studios as 20th Century Fox, the Disney Studios or Universal Studios. Moreover, he has conducted numerous screenwriting workshops, courses and given lectures. Hollywood Reporter called him “the most sought after screenwriting teacher in the world”. This year during the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia he will conduct a two day screenwriting course during which he will talk, among others, about creating characters, action vs. character and designing the action turning points.
The screenwriting course with Syd Field will be divided into two-hour sessions and will take place on the 9th and 10th of May during the 37th Polish Film Festival in Gdynia. The cost is PLN 100 per person. The enrolment deadline is on the 15th April. The number of participants is limited. The lectures will be conducted in English (with simultaneous interpreting into Polish).

The enrolment and other information is available on our website: