See you in Gdynia! Practical information for journalists

See you in Gdynia! Practical information for journalists
Accreditations, seat reservation for the press screenings, services of the Press Office, requirements for photojournalists’ work at the Festival galas – here is a set of the key practical information which will facilitate your work at the 44th Polish Film Festival in Gdynia.

Accreditation collection

All festival accreditations can be collected from Sunday, 15th September 2019, from 15.00 to 21.00, at the receptions in the Musical Theatre in Gdynia. Please use the entrance to the New Stage, from Grunwaldzki Square.

On Monday, 16th September, the Festival Reception works from 8.00. On the remaining days it works from 9.00 to 21.00.

Press Office

You are welcome at the Press Office on Gdynia Film Centre’s first floor, next to the Warszawa cinema room. During the Festival, a group of Polish Film Festival staff and volunteers are at your disposal.

The Press Office consists of several rooms. There is an information office in the first one with computer workstations and a leisure area. To provide you good working conditions, just as in the previous years, we have created a Silent Zone. It is a separate room for quiet work which is available throughout the Festival. Onet has equipped it with computer workstations with internet access. Please, respect the principle of keeping quiet in this room.

Just as last year, we are also opening the Interview Zone, which is a separate room in which you can talk to particular competition films’ crew members in piece and quiet. We do recommend this place especially for press and radio interviews.

First time! We’re offering a Video Zone, which is prepared in the film studio of the Gdynia Film School. It is dedicated primarily to the journalists preparing video footage in front of the camera. Both zones can be booked exclusively, upon informing the Press Office of such a need.

Press screenings and conferences

Starting on Monday 9.00, press screenings of the Main Competition films are held every day in the Gdynia Film Centre Warszawa on the first floor. Press conferences with filmmakers after the screenings are moderated by Łukasz Maciejewski.

Reservations are required for all the press screenings. Reservations can be made by all the MEDIA / FOREING GUEST/ VIP accreditation holders.

Reservations can be made from 7.30 one day prior to the screening. The first day of the Festival is an exception: seats for the screenings on Monday, 16th September, can be booked on the same day, from 7.30.

In short: on Monday from 7.30 you can reserve seats for Monday and Tuesday, on Tuesday for Tuesday and Wednesday. And so on…

All the Main Competition film press conferences will be streamed online on the Festival YouTube channel. Apart from that, you can follow them on the television screens which are available in the Festival facilities: at the Gdynia Film Centre in the Press Office as well as FaBuła cafe, at the Musical Theatre in the leisure area near the Reception and in the Helios Cinema near the ticket offices or in Consulate of Culture.

Gala photo/video accreditation

Photojournalists who are interested in taking photographs during the Festival Opening Gala, Young Gala, Red Carpet and Closing of the Festival are requested to report this fact at the Press Office in person or by sensing an e-mail to

Just as every year, when it comes to entering galas with cameras (standing room in a dedicated area of the amphitheatre), the co-organizers and media patrons have priority. However, we will do our best so that you can complete your Festival plans.

During the Closing of the Festival, which is produced by the Polish Television, it is forbidden to bring video cameras to the audience area of the Musical Theatre’s Large Stage. Evening wear is the dress code of the Festival opening and closing ceremonies.

Streaming on the New Stage

With the journalists who want to follow the Closing of the Festival in mind, we have planned a streaming of this event on the New Stage of the Musical Theatre. There, it will be possible to give an account of the ceremony during its course in a less formal atmosphere, working with the laptops or making phone calls to the offices.

Press materials

Please, mind the press releases and the links for the cloud attached to them. You will find the films’ press kits as well as materials for the festival events and a daily, free photo service of the 44th Polish Film Festival. We put a set of photographs documenting the Festival there for you to use free of charge. In case of additional needs, please send us a message to:

Access to the festival cloud: CLICK.

The link can also be found in the MEDIA section of In the cloud, there are photographs, film stills, multimedia concerning competition films and materials which illustrate the out-of-competition sections.

To receive the media newsletter you need subscribe at the website and choose the proper option in the top corner(newsletter > press release).

We have a list of PR contacts for films in the Main Competition and the Short Film Competition. The list is available in the Press Office.

Journalists Award

We do encourage you to participate in the Journalists Jury session. It has been planned for Friday, 20th September, right after the press conference for the film “The Legions”, around 19.00. We are meeting in the Press Office.

Those who are not able to participate in the vote in person are requested to submit their votes in writing – with full name, name of the medium, title of the film – in the Press Office, during the day on Friday, 20th September.

On the same day, the journalists with accreditations are invited to lunch, which will take place from 14.00 to 15.00 in the Vinegre Restaurant in the Museum of the Polish Navy building.


We reply to the messages sent to the address as they arise. This is the fastest way of contact. If one of us is not answering the phone, please send a text message or contact another person from the list below. We do try to respond immediately.

Spokesperson: Magdalena Jacoń,, 509 060 529.

Press Office Coordinator Coordinators

Marta Pyszyńska, 510 157 032
Patrycja Pankau, 503 839 545

Social media: Jakub Knera,, 608 150 040

See you at the 44th Polish Film Festival!

The 44th Polish Film Festival is held from 16th to 21st September 2019 in Gdynia.