Selection Board and Qualification Board of the 44th FPFF

Selection Board and Qualification Board of the 44th FPFF

We already know the composition of the Selection Board of the 44th Polish Film Festival in Gdynia, which will recommend films to participate in the Main Competition. A separate Qualification Board will select films for the Short Film Competition.

The Selection Board, which will pre-select films for the Main Competition, includes filmmakers:

Jakub Czekaj – director and screenwriter,

Leszek Dawid – director and screenwriter,

Kinga Dębska – Chairwoman – director and screenwriter,

Jagna Janicka – costume and stage designer,

Wojciech Staroń – camera operator and director.

Films for the Short Film Competition will be selected by the Qualification Board, which includes:

Maciej Dominiak – coordinator of the FPFF Short Film Competition,

Bartosz Konopka – director and screenwriter,

Julia Ruszkiewicz – representative of the Youth Circle of the Polish Filmmakers Association.

The detailed rules for the selection of films for both competitions are set out in the 44th PFFF Regulations, available at

Over 40 films have been submitted for the Main Competition this year, and more than 110 films for the Short Film Competition. Selection results will be announced in July 2019.

The 44th Polish Feature Film Festival will be held on September 16-21, 2019 in Gdynia.