Surrealism in Polish Cinematography

A series of screenings and meetings entitled: “The Stories of Cinema: Surrealism in Polish Cinematography” will take place during this year’s edition of the Festival. The organisers wish to provoke a discussion about the existence of the third great trend (besides the Cinema of Moral Anxiety and Polish Film School) in Polish cinematography – surrealism.

”The Stories of Cinema: Surrealism in Polish Cinematography” programme of screenings:

7th June 2011 | Tuesday | 5 pm
Leisure Time | dir. Andrzej Barański | 1979 | 81 min.

8th June 2011 | Wednesday| 4:30 pm
The Devil | dir. Andrzej Żuławski | 1972 | 119 min.

9th June 2011 | Thursday | 5 pm
Golem | dir. Piotr Szulkin | 1979 | 88 min.

10tb June 2011 | Friday | 4:30 pm
Permanent Objections | dir. Grzegorz Królikiewicz | 1974 | 70 min.

After the screenings, panel discussions with the directors of the presented films will be held.

Additionally, an open-air discussion “The General States of Cinema” will take place on Thursday at 7pm in the Festival’s Club of the Bohema Jazz Club in Gdynia.