The atmosphere of Gdynia in ‘Kino Polska’ Television

In June a wind from the sea will be blowing in ‘Kino Polska’ Television: to celebrate the Polish Film Festival, ‘Nostalgic Festival Studio’ will be prepared and great films, awarded once with Golden Lions, will be presented. Those who will not be able to participate in the Festival, can follow all the events in the special edition of the “On the screen and set” magazine.

‘This year Gdynia confidently enters a new era and we want to remind our viewers how the festival has changed over the years’, says Joanna Rożen Wojciechowska. ‘This is why we are preparing ‘Nostalgic Festival Studio’ which will be broadcast every day between 6th and 11th June at 8:20 pm. After each episode of the ‘Studio’ our viewers will have an opportunity to watch films that in previous years left the festival with main prizes. How have these films survived the test of time? Are they still telling us something important? It is worth checking! I would also like to add that four of them – ‘Camouflage’, ‘Woman in a Hat’, ‘Escape from the ‘Liberty’ Cinema’, and ‘Life as a Fatal Sexually Transmitted Disease’ – will be aired on our TV for the first time.’

Detailed information about the programme of ‘Kino Polska’ Television for June can be found on the website