The first cycle of Rafał Placek’s photography exhibition

The first cycle of Rafał Placek’s photography exhibition

The photographical project covers a cycle of portraits dedicated to the films – and indirectly, to their directors – which are invited to Gdynia within the annual Film Festival. The mission of the project is to inscribe in the photographical image the moment of the presence of the top Polish films at the Festival. The cycle is comprised of a series of directors’ portraits – which serve only a “replacement” role in relation to the primary idea of the project which is to make portraits of the films distincted. It is then the ambition of the cycle to capture the atmosphere of a particular film and to render it through a relationship established on a photographical stage between the director and the film character created by him. On the one hand, the cycle refers to the annually selected top Polish cinematographers, on the other hand, it is a token of the Utopian desire to portrait the very medium of the film.

Rafał Placek’s works can be watched in the Foyer of the Musical Theatre (15-20 September)

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  • Rafał Placek: a photographer who graduated from the Katowice film school. He works in the visual spaces of business, industry and culture – in the areas which, seemingly distant, directly change the reality. Portraiting places and people, he searches for a special character and intensity. The owner of the photographical company