Thursday, 20th September 2019, at the 43rd PFF

Thursday, 20th September 2019, at the 43rd PFF

Another day of film emotions awaits us. The Gdynia audience will for the first time see “Ether” directed by Krzysztof Zanussi and “Playing Hard” by Kinga Dębska, participating in the Main Competition.

Screenings of the Main Competition are also a chance to meet in person the makers of the most recent Polish productions. Meetings have been planned after the official screenings in the Musical Theatre. On the Large Stage, the following films will be presented: “Werewolf” directed by Adrian Panek at 11.00 AM, “Julius” by Aleksander Pietrzak at 2.00 PM, “7 Emotions” by Marek Koterski at 5.30 PM and “Playing Hard” by Kinga Dębska at 8.30 PM. We kindly remind that film crews from the Main Competition also participate in meetings with the audience after selected screenings in the Gdynia Multikino. For Thursday, they have been planned after “Clergy” (screening at 3.15 PM), “The Mute” (4.30 PM), “Ether” (7.00 PM), “7 Emotions” (8.00 PM). Meetings with the filmmakers also accompany the screenings from the Visions Apart Competition. At 5.30 PM on the New Stage of the Musical Theatre, a screening of the film “Leave Me Not” by Grzegorz Lewandowski will begin, and at 8.15 PM – “Nina” by Olga Chajdas.

The viewers who follow the Short Film Competition also have a few screenings to attend on Thursday. All the six screening blocks will be presented, encompassing 26 competition films in total. Screenings on the New Stage of the Musical Theatre will begin at 10.00 AM and meetings with the creators have been planned after each of them. Also, films of the Legal Culture Spot Contest will be presented. In the afternoon, from 5.20 PM, competition screenings will be moved to Multikino, to screening room 3.

A director, screenwriter, actor, poet, painter. Jerzy Skolimowski, this year’s Winner of the Platinum Lions, will be the special guest of a screening of his film from 1970, “Na samym dnie”. The screening will begin at 6.00 PM in Multikino in screening room 8. After the film, the meeting with the director will be hosted by Michał Oleszczyk.

As part of Polonica section, on Thursday we will present a Polish-Israeli film “Scaffolding” directed by Matan Yair. The screening will begin at 7.00 PM in Multikino in screening room 4. Later, there will be a chance to meet people engaged in the production on the Polish side, Stanisław Dziedzic and Mateusz Sajdak.

The actor Olgierd Łukaszewicz will be the guest of a meeting after the screening of “Pearl in the Crown”. The film, directed by Kazimierz Kutz, digitally reconstructed, will be presented in the Pure Classics section. The screening will begin at 4.30 PM in Goplana screening room of Gdynia Film Centre. The Thursday screenings from Pure Classics In Memoriam will be opened by “The Weather Forecast” directed by Antoni Krauze at 2.00 PM in Goplana room. After the screening, there will be a meeting with Joanna Krauze. In the evening, at 9.30 PM, in the same place, there will be a chance to watch selected documentaries by Kazimierz Karabasz: “People on the Road”, “The Musicians”, “The First Step” and “Point of View”. We will commemorate Tomasz Stańko with a Special Screening In Memoriam of “Silence”, where his music resonates.

A scecial event of the 43rd Polish Film Festival will be the screening, prepared by Telewizja Polska, of „The Gateway of Europe” directed by Jerzy Wójcik, in Warszawa screening room of the Gdynia Film Centre at 5.00 PM. The screening belongs to this year’s special section: 100 Years of Independence. Invitations-only event. As part of this section, in the evening, at 8.30 PM, “The Pianist” by Roman Polański will be presented at a free screening in Konsulat Kultury.

The Festival section „50 Years after March 1968” is a chance to go back to the films: “Index” by Janusz Kijowski and “March Caresses” by Radosław Piwowarski. Screenings will be held at 2.00 PM and 4.00 PM in Multikino in screening room 4. After the second screening, a meeting with the director has been planned.

Pola Negri is the main figure of this year’s cycle „Pre-War Cinema Treasures”. At 11.30 AM in Goplana screening room of the Gdynia Film Centre, a screening of the melodrama “Mania. The history of a cigarette factory worker” from 1918, one of the films opening the German chapter of the career of the legendary star of the pre-war cinema, will be held. Until 2006, it was deemed irretrievably lost – it is then that the National Film Archive bought a nitro copy from a Czech gatherer. In 2011, the film was completely digitally restored in 4K resolution.

In Gdynia, in the „Krakow Film Festival Catching Waves” section, we present the winning films of the Krakow Film Festival. On Thursday evening, at 9.00 PM, there will be a chance to see “Over the Limit” by Marta Prus.

On Thursday, 20th September, there is a good opportunity to visit a new point on the Festival map, Konsulat Kultury, at the crossroads of Władysława IV and Jana z Kolna streets. At 6.45 PM we will present a short feature film by a graduate of the Gdynia Film School, Eryk Lenartowicz, “Dots” made in Australia. Before that, three documentaries will be presented: at 1.00 PM, “Gdynia. Moje miasto” directed by Jerzy Rados, at 3.00 PM, “Stany przeszłe” by Olga Blumczyńska, at 4.45 PM “Przechyły I wychyły” by Ewa Podgórska. After each screenings, there is a meeting with the filmmakers.

Industry Meetings are an integral element of the programme of the Polish Film Festival. On Thursday, 20th September 2018, a two-day-long Gdynia Industry starts. On the Kameralna Stage of the Musical Theatre, at 12.30 PM, the panel „New collaboration opportunities for Polish producers, film directors and scriptwriters. TVN and Polsat presentations” will begin, and at 4.30 PM our guest, Johann Grech, will tell about “Attracting film and television production to Malta”. In the evening, at 6.00 PM, a debate “Distribution and international promotion of Polish audiovisual works. The debate of the LSW Chancellary” will be held. For all meetings which are part of Gdynia Industry, entry is free of charge, with accreditation. 10th Anniversary of the Regional Film Funds – A jubilee cocktail will be held at 1.00 PM in Mercure Gdynia Centrum Hotel, in Omega room.

We invite to a presentation of Biopleograph by Kazimierz Prószyński – Experimental Reconstruction, at 4.30 PM in the Gallery of the Gdynia Film Centre. In the same place, everyday, authorship meetings devoted to the most recent publications on film are held. On Thursday, at 3.00 PM, there will be a chance to talk to Barbara Hollender, the author of the book “Od Munka do Maślony”, and at 6.00 PM Aleksandra Zienowicz and Ewa Serwotka will talk about “Psychologia osiągnięć dla twórców filmowych”.

“Thank You for the Music! To Duduś with Thanks from the Young Wave” is the tile of an unusual concert which will give splendour to a yearly event of film schools. Jerzy ‘Duduś’ Matuszkiewicz is celebrating his ninetieth this year, and we have decided to mark the occasion with a unique concert to be held at the GSF and Wajda School’s banquet at this year’s edition of PFFF.

The following figures accepted the invitation of Gdynia Film School and Wajda School: Jan Ptaszyn Wróblewski, Zbigniew Namysłowski, Przemek Dyakowski, Wojciech Karolak, Piotr Lemańczyk, Marcin Wądłowski, Adam Czerwiński, Sonia Bohosiewicz, Joanna Knitter, L.U.C., Vadim Brodski, DJ J and others. The event will be held in Mercure Gdynia Centrum Hotel, start at 9.30 PM. Invitations apply, only a limited number of tickets is on sale. This is not the end of musical impressions during the Festival. At 7.00 PM, in the Musical Theatre in Gdynia, a virtuoso violinist, Vadim Brodski, accompanied by Capella Gedanensis, will play. On account of the 100th anniversary of the Independence of Poland, they will interpret famous film polonaises.

This year, the weather is favourable to the Festival outdoor screenings. On Thursday evening, at Grunwaldzki Square, we will present “80 Million” directed by Waldemar Krzystek, which won the Audience Award in Gdynia in 2012. Telewizja Kino Polska is the partner of the outdoor screenings. Detailed information about films and Festival events are available on the webpage in the PROGRAM section.