Tuesday, 18th September 2018, 43rd PFF

Tuesday, 18th September 2018, 43rd PFF

The premiere screenings of films from the Main Competition – „Clergy” directed by Wojciech Smarzowski and „Pardon” by Jan Jakub Krolski – belong to the expected events of the second day of the 43rd Polish Film Festival. Press screenings in Warszawa screening room of the Gdynia Film Centre begin again at 9.00 AM. On Tuesday, they begin with “Cold War” by Paweł Pawlikowski.

At noon, accredited journalists can watch „The Butler” by Filip Bajon. Right after the press screenings, press conferences will take place, hosted by Łukasz Maciejewski. They will also be streamlined on the Festival YouTube channel. At the same time, the competition titles will also be screened in other Festival venues: Gdynia Film Centre and Multikino.

The viewers who are interested in the process of the making of the films can go to meetings with the filmmakers. The following film crews will meet the Festival guests and audience: „Autsajder” directed by Adam Sikora, „A Hole in the Head” by Piotr Subbotko, „Fugue” by Agnieszka Smoczyńska, as well as “Cold War” by Paweł Pawlikowski.

Tuesday screenings of the films from the Visions Apart Competition, also followed by an opportunity to talk to the filmmakers, include „Another Day of Life” by Damian Nenow and Raul de la Fuente at 11.00 AM as well as “Monument” by Jagoda Szelc at 2.00 PM. Both will take place on the New Stage of the Musical Theatre. In the same place, in the afternoon, the Short Film Competition will start. In the afternoon, on the New Stage of the Musical Theatre, we will present three screening blocks: at 5.00 PM, 7.15 PM and 9.10 PM. Each of them includes four competition films.

In the out-of-competition section Pure Classics – In Memoriam, we pay tribute to outstanding late Polish filmmakers. In the Goplana screening room of the Gdynia Film Centre, we will present films: “Tam i z powrotem” by Wojciech Wójcik (at 6.00 PM) and “Wojna Światów – następne stulecie” by Piotr Szulkin (at 9.00 PM). After “Tam i z powrotem” we invite to a meeting with the cinematographer, Piotr Wojtowicz.

As part of „100 Years of Independence” section, on the second day of the Festival, we invite to screenings with meetings with filmmakers which will be held in the Goplana screening room in Gdynia Film Centre. We will present the following films: “The Last Ferry” by Waldemar Krzystek, “Popiełuszko. Freedom is Within Us” by Rafał Wieczyński, “Shivers” by Wojciech Marczewski. And in Konsulat Kultury, the following films will be presented: “Man of Marble” by Andrzej Wajda, “Wolyn” by Wojciech Smarzowski and „A jednak Polska. 1918-1921” by Wincenty Ronisz and „Paderewski. A Master Of Tones And A Statesman” by Bohdan Rączkowski.

As part of Special Screenings, on Tuesday, we will present two films taking up the topic of the Polish airmen who fought in the Battle of Britain in 1940. After each of them, the filmmakers will meet the audience. “Hurricane: Squadron 303” will be screened at 2.00 PM in Multikino in screening room 8, and after the screening there will be a meeting with the producer Michael Paszko and three actors. Marcin dorociński, Rafael Ferenc and Krzysztof Jaciow will talk to the audience.

“303 Squadron” will be screened at 5.00 PM in Multikino in screening room 3. The meeting after the film will be attended by: the producers Małgorzata Czyżycka and Jacek Samojłowicz, the cinematographer Waldemar Szmidt and actors – Marcin Kwaśny, Nikodem Rozbicki, Antoni Królikowski.

During the 43rd Polish Film Festival – on Tuesday, 18th September 2018, at 9.00 PM – the Gala of the Polish Film Institute Awards will be held.

The Polish Film Institute Awards are a specific distinction in the film industry, appreciating the work of people and institutions that are not related to film production. These are the only Polish awards for significant achievements in promoting the Polish cinema and enabling access to the Polish film art. The Polish Film Institute Awards have been granted since 2008. Candidates are submitted by institutions of culture, film schools, local governments, NGOs related to culture and other entities and people taking action in the culture sector.

The 11th Gala of the Polish Film Institute Awards will take place in the Atlantic Music Club, 3 Maja 28, Gdynia.
The event is invitation-only.

There still are the last tickets available for the Tuesday concert „100 Years of Polish Film Music” of Łukasz L.U.C. Rostkowski and the Rebel Babel Ensemble group which will take place at 8.00 PM in the Teatre Miejski in Gdynia. Tickets can be purchased in cash offices of Gdynia Film Centre and through the Internet.

We also invite to exhibitions accompanying the 43rd Polish Film Festival. On Tuesday, 18th September, three exhibitions will take place: “ANDRZEJ PĄGOWSKI PRESENTS ARTISTIC FILM POSTER” (2.00 PM), “FILMOBCY. MARZEC ’68 EXHIBITION FILMMUSEUM IN LODZ” (6.00 PM) and „ANDRZEJ JAROSZEWICZ: I ENJOY TAKING PHOTOS” (7.00 PM).

We invite to the evening outdoor screening together with Telewizja Kino Polska. The Tuesday programme includes “The Eccentrics. The Sunny Side of the Street” directed by Janusz Majewski, awarded with the Silver Lions in 2015. Please take blankets to the outdoor event. Detailed information about films and festival events is available on
www.festiwalgdynia.pl website in the section: PROGRAM.