Agnieszka Różycka

Born 10th December 1958 in Warsaw. MA in Law (1983). Graduate from the post-graduate course at the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science of the University of Warsaw (1987) and from the post-graduate course at the Film and TV Direction Department of the Lodz Film School (1992). Participated in the European screenwriting workshops in Villeneuve–Lez-Avignon (1993) and international workshops “Pisanie dla teatru” in Krakow (1994).

Editor at the press documentation department of the Polish Press Agency (1983-85), dispatch editor at the foreign department of “Rzeczpospolita” newspaper (1986), editor at the social-economic department of “Słowo Powszechne” (1986–87), contributing editor in Redakcja Filmowa TVP (Polish Television Film Editorial Office), Studio Filmowe PERSPEKTYWA, Polish Radio (1989-94) and Disney Poland. Between 1994-2003, the head of the cultural department of “Elle” magazine. Since 2003, the editor in chief of “Film” magazine.

Author of the screenplay of the TV feature film “Ptaszek” and co-author of the screenplay of the TV series “Zespół Adwokacki”. Her screenplay of a radio play “Pozdrowienia od Pandory” won the 1st prize in the Polish Radio 4 competition. In 1994, “Dialog” magazine published her screenplay of the feature film “Gwiazda Betlejemska”. Married. Mother of 17-year-old Amelia.