Jerzy Kawalerowicz

Film director. In 1946–1949, studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. In 1946, completed the Film Foundation Course. As a director, Kawalerowicz made his debut in 1951. Since 1955, Artistic Director of the Kadr Film Studio. Co-founder and first President of the Polish Filmmakers Association. In the 1980s, lecturer at the Lodz Film School. Much-awarded at most prestigious European festivals in Cannes, Berlin, Venice and Karlovy Vary, to name but a few. At the 2007 Polish Film Festival in Gdynia, Kawalerowicz received the Platinum Lions.

selected films

1951 The Village Mill
1954 Under the Phrygian Star
1959 Night Train
1965 Pharaoh
1977 Death of a President
1982 The Inn
2001 Quo Vadis