Piotr Trzaskalski

Piotr Trzaskalski
Graduate of Cultural Studies at the University of Łódź (1989) and Directing at the Film School in Łódź / PWSFTviT (1992). Scholarship holder of the Northern School of Film and Television Leeds Metropolitan University in Great Britain. As a part of scholarship programme he produced a feature film “Someone”. He has been working for television producing art programmes, music videos, documentaries and advertising films since 1992. Director of television shows.
Member of the European Film Academy since 2004.

Feature Films:
2002: Edi (Special Jury Award, Journalists Award and awards for cinematography, art direction and for actor in supporting role at Gdynia Film Festival 2002; Special Audience Award at the “Debuts” Review of Polish Feature Films in Konin 2002; Grand Prix at the Warsaw IFF 2002; Golden Grape Award at Lubuskie Film Summer in Łagów 2003; Tarnów Film Award of the Youth Jury and the Special Audience Award 2003; the Special Audience Award at the Split Film Festival 2003; Journalists Award at the Alba IFF 2003; out-of-competition Philip Morris award at the Karlovy Vary IFF 2003; Grand Prix of the Central and Eastern Europe films competition at the Festival of Independent Film in Cleveland 2003; Silver Prometheus at the Tbilisi IFF 2003; Ecumenical Jury Award at the Forum of Young Cinema, the International Film Club Association award and the FIPRESCI Prize at the Berlin IFF 2003; Golden Jańcio Award at Prowincjonalia Polish Film Festival in Słupca 2003; Jańcio Wodnik Award at Prowincjonalia Nationwide Festival of the Film Art in Września 2003; “Polityka” Passport Award for the year of 2002; the “Film” magazine Golden Duck Award, Golden Tape Award 2002 in Polish film category – ex aequo with “The Pianist”; nominations for the Eagle – Polish Film Award for best directing and best screenplay 2002);
2005: Długopis [in: Solidarity, Solidarity]