Sławomir Shuty

(born in 1973) intermedia artist: writer, film director, photographer, performer, author of the “Baton” art magazine. Author of the following books: “New Brave Taste” (1999), “Gibberish” (“Ha!art”, 2001), “Sugar Level Normal” (“Ha!art”, 2002), “Bing” (W.A.B, 2004), “A Product of Poland” (“Ha!art”, 2005), “Sugar Level Normal with Extra Bonus” (W.A.B., 2005), author of the first Polish Internet novel “The Block” (www.blok.art.pl). Initiator and manager of a series of happenings “The Circus from Huta”. Author of “Disco Polo Opera”, premiered in Łaźnia Theatre in Cracow in 2003. Awarded with the “Polityka” Passport Award for his novel “Bing” in 2005. This novel was also granted the title of the Cracow Book of the Month. Director of the following films: “W drodze” (2003) and “Luna”(2005) awarded with the First Prize at 4th Independent Film Festival on TVP2, “Panopticon” (2009), “Dom” (2009) and “The Room” (2011 – project of Shuty and Bochniak). Ministry of Culture scholarship holder for the years of 2005 and 2010, Homines Urbani scholarship holder for the year of 2008.