Tomasz Wasilewski

Tomasz Wasilewski
Graduated from the Film and Television Production Management at the Leon Schiller Film School in Łódź and the Film and Television Directing at the Film and Television Academy in Warsaw.

Cooperated with ZENTROPA INTERNATIONAL POLSKA at the production of ‘Antichrist’ directed by Lars von Trier and ‘Kvinden der dromte om en mand’ directed by Per Fly. He was an Assistant Director at the movie entitled ’33 Scenes from Life’ directed by Małgorzata Szumowska. He is the author of the full-length film screenplay ‘The United States of Love’ and ‘In a Bedroom’.

• November 2001 – award for directing at the Felliniada Film Festival in Warsaw, devoted to the memory of Federico Fellini for his film ‘Nawiść’ (in that year, two awards were given – one for Kazimierz Kutz, for the experienced director and another one for Tomasz Wasilewski – for the young, promising director)
• March 2007 – reached the finals stage of the ‘Hartley – Merrill 2007’ screenplay contest for his screenplay to ‘The United States of Love”
• June 2009 – award for the documentary entitled ‘One Man Show’ at the fourth edition of ‘Off jak gorąco’ Independent Film Festival in Łódź
• September 2009 – award for the documentary entitled ‘One Man Show’ at the eighth edition of the ‘ RePeFeNe’ International Independent Film Festival in Rybnik.