Witold Świętnicki

Born in 1960, architect, television and film director. In the period of 1981-1984 cooperated with Torpeda group specializing in independent films, such as Druty, SS-20 and K.T.P. Awarded for K.T.P. and directing at Film poza Kinem Festival in Wroclaw and National Competition of Amateur Films

in Poznań. Studied at the Directing Department of the Film School in Łódź in the period of 1984-1989. In 1990 received an award for directing of Linia życia in Babelsberg.
Since 1990 co-author and managing director of the first Eastern European Private Television Echo in Wroclaw.
Since 1994 produced television programmes, i.a. Krzyżówka Szczęścia, Cybermania, Złoty Interes, Psi Psycholog, Zoo story, Słownik polsko@polski, under Fajgel sp. z o.o. company.
In 1997 together with the poet Krzysztof Jaworski founded the Wytwórnia Filmów Amerykańskich production company.
In 1999 participated in the Gdynia Film Festival Competition with the comedy “O rety, moja babcia ma chłopaka” (directed by W. Świętnicki, written by K.Jaworski, W. Świętnicki). In 2000 the film received an award for the best foreign comedy at the Atlantic City Film Festival, USA. Other projects include screenplays of the following feature films: Wszystkie zwierzęta prezydenta. Prawdziwa historia Billa i Moniki; Trudna miłość. Romans biurowy; Plakietka; Ken & Barbie; Buty, Zakład i Adolf.

The Naked. A Psychological Film (Fajgel Sp. z o.o. and Grupa ATM Sp. z o.o.) was produced in 2001. The Audience Special Award for The Naked at 17th Warsaw International Film Festival (3rd prize). In 2002 the Kino Świat film distributor introduced the film to cinemas, in 2003 The Naked are also presented by the Dutch public television VPRO. British distributor Eureka Video released The Naked on DVD. The Naked, an American remake was also produced.

In 2004 in cooperation with WROFILM Film Association he produced “Dyskusje”.

In 2007 directed Matka Berza, a documentary about the homeless.

Tell Me the Truth was produced in 2011 – Grand Prix and the Student Jury Prize at the Wyścig Jaszczurów Festival in Pozna ń.