Nationwide Media Patrons

Telewizja Polska is a public broadcaster acting based on the Polish Broadcasting Act. It is the co-organiser of Gdynia Film Festival and a years-long partner of the Polish cinematography. Out of 18 films admitted to this year's Main Competition, 9 have been co-produced by TVP.
First Programme of the Polish Radio
First Programme of the Polish Radio is a universal channel, connecting traditions and modernity. It offers a rich programme - beginning with information, home and foreign issues, through thorough analyses and comments, education and counselling, to the very culture and entertainment.
Third Programme of the Polish Radio
Third Programme of the Polish Radio is a channel addressed to active, intelligent people. It stands out with the most faithful listeners in the Polish radio industry. The channel gathers journalist individuals and the avant-garde of the musical, literary, acting and film industries.
The "Rzeczpospolita" daily belongs to the most opinion-making media in Poland. In a wide range, it connects the socio-political topics with economic and legal ones. The electronic copy is available one day before the hard copy, from 9:00 P.M. Gremi Business Communication is the publisher of "Rzeczpospolita"
ELLE is a strong brand present in 46 countries of the world. It is a guide through the trends in fashion, beauty and culture. We know what is going on in the world, what is worth reading, watching, listening to. For 16 years, we have been supporting the Polish cinematography by granting the ELLE Crystal Star during the Gdynia Film Festival.
Super Express
Onet S.A. - the leader of the Polish Internet