Paweł Łukomski

2005, 0 h 30 min

The film takes place in a fictional reality. John Monic works as a courier transferring information. One day, he’s commissioned to transfer data to Wiliam K. Herbert. From the very beginning, this seemingly normal task raises his suspicions. Problems accumulate and it seems that they’re not as coincidental as one might initially think. Together with John, we set off on a journey that mirrors the mad information rush of modern society.

Written by: Paweł Łukomski
Director of photography: Paweł Łukomski
Music by: Dr. Apava (and bands from Biała Podlaska)
Editing: Paweł Łukomski
Sound: Paweł Łukomski
Cast: Michał Drapała (John Monic), Paweł Remiszewski (Wiliam K. Herbert), Damian Kardziew
Produced by: Michał Drapała, Studio 35
Producer: Michał Drapała

Main Competition
Sekcje pozakonkursowe