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Sławomir Macuga

2006, 0 h 50 min

Olek is a young and ambitious radio journalist. His new boss wants to change the station and make it more profitable. Together with the part of the crew on his side, he intends to eliminate those who don’t want to play by the new rules and influence the others who want to keep their jobs. Devastated by the new reality, Olek adopts the method of passive resistance: he nods but keeps doing the same. Joanna, his girlfriend, is keeping a secret from him that she’s going to tell only when the time comes.

Written by: Sławomir Macuga
Director of photography: Mateusz Metelski
Music by: Patryk Scelina
Production design by: Katarzyna Nowakowska, Roman Surkont
Costume design by: Marta Mikulska
Editing: Mateusz Metelski, Anna Michałowicz, Sławomir Macuga
Sound: Patryk Scelina
Cast: Bartłomiej Szkop, Joanna Kwint, Aleksandra Kiślewska, Dariusz Lechański, Joanna Mazurkiewicz, Wiesław Gałązka
Production manager: Anna Michałowicz
Produced by: Grupa Filmowa Kontrplan
Co-produced by: The University of Lower Silesia in Wroclaw

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