A Chance


Krzysztof Ryczek

NULL, 0 h 27 min

Jagoda – a young and mysterious hitch-hiker – comes into possession of two packages, a kilo each. At the same time, she meets Robert – a taxi driver who allows her to live in his apartment. But a local gangster quickly shows up. He has to decide how to get back his lost treasure.

Written by: Krzysztof Ryczek
Director of photography: Krzysztof Ryczek
Production design by: Sorry Film Poland Production
Editing: Adrian Bałtowski
Production manager: Filip Socha
Produced by: Sorry Film Poland Production
Producers: Filip Socha, Krzysztof Ryczek
Country and year of production: Poland, 2008
Cast: Jagoda Kuś (Jagoda), Krzysztof Socha (Robert), Łukasz Kęcik (Adam), Marcin Ryczek, Filip Socha, Mateusz Bidziński, Adrian Bałtowski, Grzegorz Majewski
Length: 27 min.

Main Competition
Konkurs Młodego Kina
Sekcje pozakonkursowe

Movie - Festival Programme

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