A Jungle Book of Regulations

A Jungle Book of Regulations


Stanisław Bareja

1974, 1 h 31 min

Janek and Wanda live in a small room in an old villa. The rest of the house is occupied by companies and their noisy offices. One day, the married young couple is visided by Mr. Malinowski who used to live exactly in the same room and feels so sentimental about it that he decides to exchange it for a new two-room apartment allocation. Obviously the deal is accpeted. It turnes out, however, that the couple’s new apartment is already occupied by Wanda’s ex-husband Jerzy who has equal rights to live there since he’s still registered to reside in his ex-wife flat. The intruder can be evicted only in the case of disturbing the public peace in the neighbourhood or immoral conduct. Janek organises boozing in order to get Jerzy drunk and provoke the neighbours to complaint. He’s successful, though, the neighbours complain at him.

Soon he learns that Jerzy has a fiancée named Lusia who wants get married with Zenek and needs to force the promise to register to resde in Warsaw out of Jerzy – a well paid promise…

A satire on the manners and housing difficulties in the communist period.

Directed by: Stanisław Bareja

Written by: Stanisław Bareja, Jacek Fedorowicz

Directo of photography: Andrzej Ramlau

Production design by: Tadeusz Myszorek

Costume design by: Anna Fedorowicz

Music by: Waldemar Kazanecki

Sound: Leszek Wronko

Editing: Alina Faflik

Make-up: Alfreda Bączyk

Production managers: Stefan Adamek, Anna Rdest

Produced by: Zespół Filmowy Pryzmat

Main Competition
Konkurs Młodego Kina
Przegląd Polskiego Kina Niezależnego
Sekcje pozakonkursowe

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