Rachel Leah Jones, Philippe Bellaiche

2019, 1 h 50 min

For fifty years, Lea Tsemel has been defending cases considered lost well in advance. This Israeli human rights activist became famous as defence counsel for Palestinians, including those charged with terrorism. An ally for some, she immediately turned into a deadly enemy for others. Diverse archival materials and contemporary footage show a fascinating portrait of an unbreakable woman. In their personal confessions, her husband and children reveal what it means to live with someone who is ready to take the greatest risk in the name of justice.

written by Rachel Leah Jones
director of photography Philippe Bellaiche
music: Robert Marcel Lepage
production design Tal Kantor, Yoav Brill
sound Yuval Bar-on
edited by Yael Bitton
cast Lea Tsemel, Michael Warschawski
production Home Made Docs, Filmoption, Close Up Films
producer Rachel Leah Jones
co-produced by Paul Cadieux, Joelle Bertossa
executive producer Neil Tabecnik, Robin Smith
production manager Yuval Orr, Anna Sommershaf
co-financed by Channel 8 Israel; Radio Canada; RTS Switzerland; SWR/NDR Germany; BBC Storyville; Eodocs Netherlands; DR Denmark; YLE Finland; SVT Sweden; VGTV Norway; Bertha Foundation; Makor Foundation; Sundance Institute
distributed by Cinephil

Main Competition
Short Film Competition
Sekcje pozakonkursowe

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