American Dream


Mariusz Pujszo

2006, 1 h 25 min

After a few years brake, Mariusz and Michał decide to make another film with beautiful girls. This time it’s going to be a horror. Despite initial problems and thanks to their creative invention, the friends find actresses and sponsors. In a gloomy, Silesian castle they start shooting for “The Legend”. Will this film turn out a worldwide success or a total disaster? Is it the end of the story or rather it’s new chapter?

Written by: Mariusz Pujszo
Director of photography: Jacek Biedrzycki
Production design by: Anna Kowarska
Costume design by: Anna Kozłowska
Editing: Łukasz Stajkowski
Sound: Adam Zaręba
Cast: Agnieszka Gąsior, Katarzyna Sowińska, Mariusz Pujszo, Michał Anioł, Agata Dratwa, Rafał Chałasiński, Sylwia Kaczmarek
Production manager: Consuella Pujszo
Produced by: Kurka Wodna Productions
Producer: Mariusz Pujszo
Distributed by: Kurka Wodna Productions
World sales: Kurka Wodna Productions

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