Because of Love


Leszek Wosiewicz

NULL, 1 h 28 min

A simple story about love welded into a mystical drama. On a train station, Ed – a loser and rebel of a failed rebellion – meets Róża, a homeless girl who run away home in the search of love. He becomes her life mentor. Despite the initial distrust, she’s gradually getting more and more addicted to Ed. Taken from the station and a moment later abandoned in a homeless shelter, she’s taken care of by a friend nun. There, in the book Ed gave her (“The Song of Songs”), she finds a land of words and perfect feelings. Awaiting her lover, Róża develops her love based on a pattern of the love for God and balancing on the verge of blasphemy. This feeling confronted against the brutal reality reaches higher and deeper than it’s possible.

Written by: Leszek Wosiewicz
Director of photography: Andrzej Ramlau
Music by: Michał Lorenc
Production design by: Anna Seitz
Editing: Teo Paganini
Costume design by: Natalia Czeczot
Production manager: Anna Wydra
Produced by: Oddyssey Films
Producer: Leszek Wosiewicz
Executive producers: Anna Wydra, Justyna Branicka, Leszek Wosiewicz
Distributed by: Gutek Film
Country and year of production: Poland, 2007
Cast: Jacek Rozenek (Edgar), Monika Buchowiec (Róża), Grażyna Błęcka-Kolska (nun), Jan Drawnel (“Pablo”), Marta Chodorowska, Krzysztof Kolberger, Robert Olech (Marek), Dorota Landowska (Anna, Edgar’s partner), Małgorzata Braunek (Marta)
Length: 88 min

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