Butterfly Kisses


Rafał Kapeliński

2017, 1 h 29 min

We follow the life of Jake and his two best friends in the world distorted by sex and pornography. They live in a grim district, though it’s a paradise for them. All of them fight their own demons but Jake can confide his secret in nobody. He seems the only nice boy in the group – he doesn’t talk about girls the way his friends do and he appears to be a sensitive person. However, every night he sneaks out of the apartment and goes to the nineteenth floor of his block of flats. From up there he is able to peek straight to the bedroom of Christina – a 7-year-old girl who has moved there recently with her elder sister Zara.

Butterfly Kisses talks about those moments in our teenage life when suddenly the dark side of human nature gets exposed, putting an end to our childhood”, says the director.

Rafał Kapeliński’s feature-length debut.


Berlin IFF 2017: Crystal Bear for Best Film in the Generation 14plus section

Off Camera International Festival of Independent Cinema 2017 in Krakow: Youth Jury Award

Koszalin Debut Film Festival Young and Film 2017: Stanisław Różewicz Award for directing for “formal consistency and guiding amateur actors splendidly”

written by Greer Ellison 

director of photography Nick Cooke
music Nathan W. Klein
production design Fleur Whitlock
costume design Charlotte Loudon
edited by Andrew Walton
cast Theo Stevenson, Byron Lyons, Liam Whiting, Rosie Day, Elliot Cowan, Thomas Turgoose, Charlotte Beaumont, Honor Kneafsey, Sadie Thwaites, Małgorzata Ścisłowicz
production Blue Shadows Film, Butterfly XX Film, Solopan
producer Merlin Merton, Jacek Szumlas
executive producers Michael Jones, Edmund Marlowe, Alexia Rocha, Lauro Rocha, Ramin Sabii, Zoe Solanki
co-executive producers David Braithwaite, Rob Craine, Philippe Audi-Dor, Nicola Matthews, Byron McNally, Mayed Al Qasimi, Noel Paton, Adam Paton, Todd Hughes
production managers Sophie Jackson

Main Competition
Konkurs Inne Spojrzenie
Short Film Competition
Sekcje pozakonkursowe

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