Jerzy Gruza

2019, 1 h 13 min

A story about two men – a celebrity starring in flicks and commercials and a much older has-been. Whatever brought them together, when the former learns his one night stand is pregnant, the time to say goodbye is near. The latter doesn’t know his way around show business, and the father-to-be rejects his half-baked ideas. Senility, inability to keep pace with the modern world and a yoke of homosexuality the older man fights bring their relationship to a bitter end.

written by Jerzy Gruza
director of photography Wojciech Rawecki (senior) music Jerzy Jarosław Dobrzyński
production design Jerzy Gruza
costume design Tatiana Sosna-Sarno
make-up Anna Sowińska
sound Remidiusz Botiuk
edited by Zbigniew Martan
casting by Jerzy Gruza
cast Tatiana Sosna-Sarno, Jerzy Gruza, Arkadiusz Gołębiowski, Jolanta Litwin, Janusz Szydłowski, Rafał Dajbor
production Sygnał
producer Jerzy Gruza
executive producer Tatiana Sosna-Sarno
production manager Rafał Dajbor
distributed by Akson

Main Competition
Short Film Competition
Sekcje pozakonkursowe

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