Laila Pakalnina

2015, 1 h 36 min

A Latvian candidate for an Oscar in 2016. The film protagonist, the 10-year-old Janis, is a pioneer and he lives in a kolkhoz named “Dawn” on the territory of today’s Latvia. The boy’s father is a declared enemy of the Soviet system: he intends to burn the seat of the kolkhoz’s management. Little Janis betrays him and gives him out to the militia. His father decides to take revenge. The plot has been based on a Soviet propaganda story. The film tells of the not-so-distant times when the Soviet reality forced people to make tragic choices in the name of totalitarian ideals.


Black Nights Film Festival Tallin 2015: award for the cinematography for Wojciech Staroń

Liel Kristap 2016 Latvian Film Academy Award in the category of the best cinematography for Wojciech Staroń; nomination in the category of the best costumes for Natalia Czeczott

written by Laila Pakalnina
director of photography Wojciech Staroń 

music Vestard Šimkus
production design Jurgis Krassons
costume design Natalia Czeczott
make-up Dzintra Bijubena
edited by Kaspar Kallas
cast Vilis Daudziòd, Antons Georgs Grauds, Wiktor Zborowski
production Hargla Company
producer Laila Pakalnina
co-produced by Miracle Worker, Staroń Film, Digitaalne Sputnik
co-producers Kaspar Kallas, Małgorzata Staroń
executive producer Łukasz Grudziński
co-financed by Polish Film Instutute
distributed by Staroń Fil

Main Competition
Konkurs Inne Spojrzenie
Short Film Competition
Sekcje pozakonkursowe

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