Mariusz Treliński

2000, 1 h 40 min

Warsaw at the end of 1990s. A night race through the city with four young people. Their tragedy takes place in the atmosphere of everlasting parties, in the smell of alcohol and drugs and in the rhythm of trance music. This night, Anka will try to save her love before leaving to study abroad. Młody, who sold himself for big money, will be a father. Filip, a respected architect left by his lover, will immolate himself in an orgy with soldiers. Smutny, a talented musician who hides his sensitivity under a mask of sarcasm, will decide what to do with his life. These four stories speak for the young elite. The long night builds a mosaic portrait of the generation.

Written by: Mariusz Treliński, Przemysław Nowakowski, Wojciech Nowak, Manuela Gretkowska
Director of photography: Grzegorz Kuczeriszka
Music by: Paweł Mykietyn, Paweł Miketyn
Production design by: Boris F. Kudlicka
Costume design by: Izabela Woźny
Editing: Milenia Fiedler
Sound: Barbara Domaradzka
Magdalena Cielecka (Anka), Olaf Lubaszenko, Agnieszka Dygant (Ilonka), Jan Frycz (Filip), Rafał Mohr (Młody), Marek Żerański (Guma), Wiola Kołakowska (Luba)
Production manager: Zofia Wieczorek
Produced by: Skorpion Art., Polish Television Film Agency, Telewizja Polska S.A., Canal+ Polska, Film+, Agencja Produkcji Filmowej, Cinematography Committee Film Production Agency, ITI Cinema
Producer: Paweł Rakowski
Distributed by: ITI Cinema

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