Marek Lechki

2010, 1 h 30 min

Michał leads a prosperous and orderly life. He has a wife, a son, a nice apartment and works in a successful accounting office. Preparations to his son’s First Communion are in progress. Michał would like to take a few days off but his boss asks him to drive to the coast, to Michał’s hometown, and pick a car imported from the US. Though it interferes with his plans, the man runs the command. He wants to do the job as quick as possible but once he arrives, a single event postpones the moment of return…

Directed by: Marek Lechki

Written by: Marek Lechki

Director of photography: Przemysław Kamiński

Music by: Bartek Straburzyński

Production design by: Barbara Komosińska

Sound: Jarosław Czernichowski, Paweł Łuczyc-Wyhowski

Editing: Robert Mańkowski

Costume design by: Anna Weber

Make-up: Marzena Szczepaniak-Drozd

Production manager: Agnieszka Papiewska

Produced by: Harmony Film Production Lechki Marek

Producer: Marek Lechki

Co-produced by: Voiceland, Heliograf

Actor in a leading role: Tomasz Kot

Actors in supproting roles: Ryszard Kotys, Tomasz Radawiec

Main Competition
Konkurs Młodego Kina
Sekcje pozakonkursowe

Movie - Festival Programme

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