Konrad Maximilian

2019, 1 h 50 min

A film about Tomek Janicki, an MMA fighter who had everything: fame, money, and a beautiful woman by his side. He’s about to fight for the championship belt, but at the eleventh hour, the federation decides to turn the prestigious combat into a freak fight with a boxer, Marek Chmielnicki aka Pretty Boy. Blinded by rage, Tomek loses his temper and makes a few bad decisions – enough for his career to end. Broken, he leaves the city to start a new life away from the spotlight. A chance for happiness comes along when he meets Magda, a doctor. They fall in love with each other, but dark clouds gather once more. Blackmailed by a dangerous gangster, Tomek has no choice but to throw his hat in the ring and face his former rival, this time in a discipline where he calls the shots – an uncompromising boxing match broadcast nationwide.

written by Konrad Maximilian
director of photography Arkadiusz Tomiak, Piotr Uznański
music Varia
production design Katarzyna Sobańska, Marcel Sławiński
costume design Emilia Czartoryska
make-up Maja Łukaszewicz, Dariusz Krysiak
sound Mateusz Adamczyk 

edited by Łukasz Swaryczewski
cast Katarzyna Maciąg, Piotr Stramowski, Aleksandra Szwed, Anna Karczmarczyk, Mikołaj Roznerski, Krzysztof Stelmaszczyk
production Domino Film
producer Małgorzata Domin, Dominika Mandla
co-produced by Exotic Car Club
production manager Małgorzata Wala, Michał Kowalik
distributed by Kino Świat
Main Competition
Short Film Competition
Sekcje pozakonkursowe

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