Fools Gold

Fools Gold


Shailesh Singh

2020, 0 h 16 min

It’s 2020. A virus has taken over the world. People are dying in masses. The economy has fallen (or so it seems). Unemployment remains a relevant and widely ignored problem. In this setting, an accident happens in the city of Lodz. They say a blue crystal fell from the sky and killed a homeless man. Miłosz and Tomek, two random guys, find the body and the rock. They ignore the former and take the latter because it looks valuable. That puts them on the police’s radar. The story illustrates the absurdity of this day and age –where anything and everything is possible until we realise that things are not so simple.

directed by: Shailesh Singh

written by: Shailesh Singh

director of photography: Nikodem Marek

production design: Julita Goździk

costume design: Olga Przylipiak

make-up: Agata Stefaniak

sound: Maciej Tobera

edited by: Michał Buczek

cast: Izabella Dudziak, Michał Surosz, Agnieszka Michalska, Damian Kret, Artur Wower

production: Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Filmowa, Telewizyjna i Teatralna w Łodzi

producer: Anna Zychowicz

production manager: Anna Zychowicz

distributed by: Studio Filmowe Indeks

Main Competition
Microbudget Film Competition
Short Film Competition

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