Ivan Bambalin

2020, 0 h 15 min

Future. The Earth is going through an apocalypse of pollution. Green, an astronaut and a mother, builds a rocket to fly to another planet, one that’s not yet polluted, to collect plant seeds and return to Earth. In hope to save her sick daughter and the entire human race, she sets off for planet Hope with a dog. Everything goes according to plan, but what she doesn’t know is that while she’s preoccupied with the search, the accumulator in her rocket is going flat.

written byIvan Bambalin
director of photographyBogdan Borysenko
music Dmitriy Ivashchenko
production designKaterina Stoyak, Klara Bork, Justyna Bugajczyk
costume designJenya Volkonska, Anna Dębicka, Sphere:plasti
make-upAdelina Borets
soundJakub Turniak
edited byFilip Wojciechowski, Aleksandra Shaporova, Ivan Bambalin
castAngelika Kujawiak, Kasia Krakownaia
productionWarszawska Szkoła Filmowa
producerMaciej Ślesicki
executive producerJarosław Grzymała
production managerKarolina Krok
co-financed byPolski Instytut Sztuki Filmowej
distributed byWarszawska Szkoła Filmowa

Main Competition
Short Film Competition
Sekcje pozakonkursowe

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